And we’re off!

A 2:30am call means so many things… many times worry and fear… but not this time…

This time it was a green light. All supplies and donations have been double checked, packed, and weighed. Flights have been checked in… and our 3am departure approaching… yet I still held at pause.

Then I received a phone call at 2:30am with a request to come to my home and pray with me prior to my 3am departure. My dear friend, teacher, and mentor arrived, kneeled, and holding my hands reached out to our Creator and God with petitions of safety and health for my journey. She prayed for open ears and softened hearts. She then handed me two letters… letters she had poured over into the wee hours of the night. Letters she stated were gospel letters she has written for her two brothers in Honduras. Letters where she poured out her heart that her brothers would come to know Christ!

Our prayers are for many things to be accomplished during this trip! But as of this morning, a new mission has been added and God willing to be accomplished!  Two brothers to be found and gospel letters to be delivered!  

God’s love reaches across many lands and seas. And He uses the most unexpected of people to spread the gospel! It is that He loves us so very much! And our ashes becomes the beauty if His renewal, and most beautiful light. 

Ahorita … estoy lista ❤

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