A revisit today to the past…

I delivered a beanie to the sweet lady that bought my house on Deertrack! I was crying walking up to the house as the memories came flooding back! I apologized immediately when she opened the door. We talked and shared of the past year since I moved and she and her husband bought the house. I won’t lie and tell you that part of me didn’t yearn desperately missing my house and all the “normal’ times the boys and I shared there. 19 years we lived there…. I remember every plant, every rock… and my lovely mantle… all of my many projects and many of them still standing!

Then I visited with my dear friend down the street. We talked of the changes in both of our lives with our children getting engaged and in college. 

Then we celebrated with each other that we survived to this stage of life with all our past mistakes, that we are entering a new chapter in our lives right where God wants us!

Yes… my life is very different now since I’ve moved to Countryside… for the boys and for me… our “normal” has definitely changed… but as long as God calls me to be here, I will be here and know that He is my protector, strength, and teacher. He grows me every day in so many ways…. And most of all He is my light in the darkness…. and because he is such a good good father, he has given me all these sweet angels that live here that love CheChe ❤

Thank you Dale for helping me bring today to a wonderful circle of God’s grace, love, forgiveness, and his calling! I love you dear friend!


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