Sad news for us… Exciting news for them…

Grant and Amber Hinson took me under their wings 3 years ago… They have spent many hours pouring into me, mentoring me, and discipling me! We have together watched God move in mighty ways at Countryside Mobile Home Park, in Lancaster, and grow The Connection ministry to include many local churches and two other missionary families, mine being one of them! As Amber has completed her Nurse Practitioner degree, they will be moving next week to Rock Hill where she will be working at a primary care clinic and seeking God’s direction for His next step for the Hinson family! The boys and I are going to miss them terribly, will always treasure our time of serving together, and look forward to how God will continue to reveal His plan for all of us.. His Bride! 
What now for The Connection Ministry…. 
I am excited to continue to serve with the Smiths on the Connection mission team! And what God has in store as The Smiths and I continue the work God has called us to here at Countryside Mobile Home Park! To live and ministry to this community so that they may find Jesus… They so search for Him! We are so very thankful for all the Lancaster Christians that partner with The Connection!! And we look forward to many more years as we walk together to serve at Countryside!! 

Some changes for me… Full time ministry … Part time in nursing! 

Part time at work just became real… Today, I am finalizing reports and transferring files! I will continue to work on a part time basis with the same case management company, PRO.  Part time means I’ll get over flow files and cover appointments for other nurses, when needed. I have worked 40-70 hours a week at a nursing job since 1994!!! I’m at little nervous at what part time pay means but God has promised to provide what I need… And I’m learning the difference between needs and wants! Since a child, my dream was to be in full time ministry … And after all these years and the many things I have been through… God has prepared me for here…. A home missionary in Lancaster… Not what I imagined but His path is so clear as I look behind me. Over the years I have relied so much on myself and through this step God is teaching me that I need to more fully rely on Him… Every day… And in every way! 

So I ask for your prayers! Prayers for our neighbors in Countryside, for The Connection ministry, for the Smiths, the Hinsons, the boys and me. 

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