God teaches the most when I least expect it… 

For weeks I’ve wondered why I’ve had writers block…

So very much has happened in the ministry of which to write… A summer packed with a gazzillion VBS invites for our children, sports camps, and mission teams… women’s group, preparations for English and Spanish classes…. Full time ministry and part time nursing for me!  My mentors and dear friends, Amber and Grant moving to Gods next step in ministry…. The park left in the hands of Jason, Nancy, and myself!

But I’ve felt no words… Not until tonight…

What He has taught me this week… You don’t realize the bondage that sin and demons have over people’s lives until you live among  them… The powerlessness and hopelessness on their faces, the blinders over their eyes, the chains around their heart… As though satan’s talons play in their minds pulling them deeper into the prison of his control… 

Submerged is our theme for VBS this week… And the constant reminder has been to look beneath the surface….

Underneath the surface of the alcoholic, underneath the surface of the drug dealer, underneath the surface of a homeless pregnant prostitite… To the spiritual battle… And have compassion for the lost and pray that they will look to Christ… Their only hope…

And underneath the surface of that lost soul, underneath the surface of the alcohol, the drugs, the hardness… is a spiritual battle… And the only cure is Christ Jesus. 

While satan has control of us, we see ourselves through his eyes.. He hates us… And wants us to hate ourselves.

But God our Creator our Father who sent His Beloved Jesus Christ our Savior… He truly loves us so very much… To believe on Him… To allow Him to be Lord of your life… Only then can we see ourselves through His eyes… And love ourselves. 

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2 Responses to God teaches the most when I least expect it… 

  1. BrookeM says:

    Hi Shanda! I hope it is ok I included you in my list of “incarnational missionaries” in my latest blog post: https://choosingcompassion.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/tales-of-incarnational-ministry/.


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