Rainbow Promise, Operation Rudolph, The Mobile Shower Truck for the Homeless Ministry, The Connection, Camp Creek Methodist Church, Pleasant Dale Baptist Church, and Bethlehem Baptist Church united today to meet the physical and spiritual needs of Countryside Mobile Home Park and the surrounding community. Twelve tables overflowing with school clothes, 1 table of hotdogs and chips, and 10,000lbs of food were given by Christians together serving the Lord. I watched my neighbors smiling as they filled their bags with food and clothing. Many of them now relieved to have their next meal. Many so thankful for these clothes for their children for school… and can now pay their power bill instead. Today was truly a blessing from God ❤️

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

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Serving at Walt’s Chapel

Tonight our teens stepped out of their comfort zone to serve the children at Walt's Chapel! Thank you Buster for allowing us to come!!! I cannot tell you how my heart swelled watching them help the children with their crafts, leading them in a game of "Jesus says"… our version of Simon says…. passed out school supplies and then Scott praying the closing prayer… God is great, merciful, loving, and just awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Alabama Mission Team

For two days this week, The Connection was blessed by a mission team from Alabama. This team fell in love with this community from their first visit many summers ago. I observed them as they prayer walked, stood on porches praying with neighbors, as they repaired equipment, mastered bible study and crafts, and shot hoops and goals with the kids. It was what they did, of course, but it was more so HOW they did it. Their faces shone with love for Countryside, and this live also overflowed into their actions! It was such a joy for me to have such a wonderful team here with me in the trenches… my brothers and sisters in Christ… here with me… to help me… to listen… to serve… and to love. For these two beautiful days God brought workers for His harvest… and I didn’t feel so alone here. A beautiful thing happens here in this mobile home park. God does something that is a miracle in the life of today’s church. He loves this community so very much that he brings together His Church. He creates unity across state lines, towns, denominations, and race. For two days for this community, God brought together His workers from the following churches:Elevation Church 

Flint Ridge Baptist Church

Hyde Park Baptist Church

La luz y Verdad

Marble City Baptist Church

New Hope Baptist Church 

Park Baptist Church 

Pleasant Dale Baptist Church 

Second Baptist Church Lancaster

Sherwood Baptist Church 

Spring Hill Baptist Church 

Thank all of you for you obedience to the Lord and for the blessing you are to The Connection ministry and Countryside Mobile Home Park! We are so blessed to have His love! We are looking forward to a whole week with Marble City mission team in 2018!!

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His love

The miracle of transformed lives! Many of these children at the orphanage in Honduras were abused, neglected, starved, and abandoned… then God!!!! Many did not know love only pain… then God! These children have learned how to give and receive love because God brought them here to the lighthouse where God has poured copious amounts of love on them through Christians … transformed them… and healed them! He is a good good father and he wants to transform us all with his love ❤️

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Summer Event Schedule (Horario de los eventos del verano)

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End of school “clean fun”

The end of school and beginning of summer is something to celebrate!!! God has blessed this ministry with the love of the local church body! This party was planned and organized by the Homework Helpers each from different churches! They each took a part… pizza, snow cones, face painting, serving, and activity! After the party, the children joined the Homework Helper staff in cleaning the yard and the ministry trailer!! My heart grew as I saw the changing ministry servants…. the local churches and the children. One of the helpers commented on how much love the children freely give back…. I told her it is because for 4 years the church has shown love to them 😍 God has a perfect plan and a perfect way! He is Glorious and Merciful to us always and I am humbled before Him 😍😍😍😍

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Rising middle schoolers!!

Where has the time gone!!! I met many of these children 4 years ago and now they’re graduating from elementary to the middle school!! I think even Alex is shocked 😂😂😂😂! I’m so proud of them and the middle schoolers they have grown in to!!!

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When The Connection kids bring home multiple awards each!!! 

When The Connection kids bring home multiple awards each!!! Congratulations Gretel, Alondra, Brandon, Daniel, Sebastian, Itzel, Jesus, Keyri, Evelyn, and Thomas!!! Not pictured is Moshie who also brought home multiple awards!!! Thank you to all those who help with Homework Helpers at The Connection!! You make a difference!!! Help me congratulate the kids on all their hard work this school year!!!!

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Our Easter Celebration is near!

I remember as a child the excitement I felt with my Easter basket ready and waiting to hear the words! Pinks, purples, blues and most of all gold….. colors of spring… flowers, grass, and a warm sun. God created so many beautiful colors for us… not that we needed them but because He loves us so deeply! 3,270 eggs are filled, double checked, separated and ready for all the children and adults of Countryside! Together we will celebrate through testimony, a meal, resurrection eggs, and a mad dash for the golden egg! Thank you local churches for the eggs, baskets, food, and prizes! Pray that hearts will be softened as the resurrection of Jesus is demonstrated through word and deed!

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A light in the darkness

God allowed me to see something beautiful today. There’s a girl here that was homeless, sleeping in her car and with no food. A sweet lady from the local church provded clothes and other items that she and her son needed. This girl made and sold sugar scrubs through the Countryside Crafts program to help provide for her child. She is now on her feet with a job and staying with friends. The blessing is she now contacts the ministry helping provide snacks for Homework Helpers… and this week she is reaching out to the ministry offering to help the family who lost their home in the fire … she is now on the other end…. she will be calling them, she will organize the meeting, she has clothes to give them, and she will have the opportunity to pray with this family… Amen Amen Amen!!! Praise God 😍

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