God hears our cries

A mothers heart in our community was broken today when her son took his life. She didn’t see it coming and never imagined this would happen. But God heard her cry and he gathered his church to sit with her and to pray with her. It began as a gathering of two and then grew… men, women, and children meeting at The Connection to begin a prayer walk in Countryside. A dear prayer warrior drove up unannounced just to drop off some cans… yes we know our God brought her ❤ and yes she had her Bible open and ready. We gathered hand in hand… 14 of us by this time… a circle of believers submitting in prayer to our Father asking for His protection and comfort. We made our way through the neighborhood stopping to pray in front of a house that burned on Tuesday. The Bible was read and believers again formed a circle of prayer for the family who lost everything. We traveled on to visit with the mother who lost her son. All 14 of us stood with her in her den as she sobbed for her son. The word of God was read and prayers were lifted to God. As we sat with this precious mother, in a box her son had packed his treasured books and pictures… The Holy Bible, Experiencing God, and a picture of Christ. Many things happen on this Earth that we do not understand… but what we can understand and see is that God truly loves us and works his Glory throughout our lives. Please pray with the ministry as we continue to minister to this mother and that God will be glorified.

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