Excursion day with friends followed by Bojangles with the kids

Our second day was filled with our fun excursion day with friends at the beach followed by dinner at Bojangles for the children! It’s such a blessing to spend time with Jamieandronnie Richmcdonald, laugh, catch up since our last time together, and soak in their missionary stories from the Colonia!! For dinner, Tindall and I payed for The Big Family to go out to eat at Bojangles (thanks to your donations) …. and this is a very big deal! Every child is dressed in their Sunday best… and so must we! All 31 of us loaded up on the new “used” donated school bus! Excitement was in the air and laughter was exploding from everyone! We arrive for our “reservation” at Bojangles and the children quickly were seated! Their manners impecable as they listen intently for their “Pappi’s” correction… their respect for this man and his wife who have become their new Pappi and Mami.

The Big Family is a refuge for the children on this island. They have many stories of their life before the orphanage…. a 5 year old left at the gate in a box when he was a few days old… a 4 year old girl rescued from the community this year, 20lbs, starving, lice infested and with rashes she was treated worse than a dog. They knew no love before here… abandoned, lost, and alone… but now they freely give the love they have learned here at the orphanage… they have structure, security, love, warmth, acceptance, education, and nurture. They are taught this by their house parents, their new older siblings, and from the mission teams that come here to visit this Christian home…

The children.. and us… are exactly like the reef that we saw today while snorkeling….. the reef is slammed by hurricanes and terrible storms every year… these broken pieces grow new parts of the reef and grows more beautiful as a result! These children broken by their life are now so beautiful as God grows them new in His love and protection! They are discipled and taught that God loves them so dearly! Now their eyes sparkle, they laugh, they eat, and they play full of joy! Thank you all for your continued prayer for the team and for this ministry!!

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  1. Alexis says:

    Dios es bueno!!! 🤗

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