Breaking News!! God opens a door to medical care for Countryside!

Two huge needs in this trailer park are spiritual and physical! Our neighbors do not schedule healthcare appointments. Most do not have insurance and the little funds they do have are directed towards food… Rent.. And power…. Health care is put on the back burner. Until an emergency life threatening situation occurrs, they will put off going to the emergency room because of the costs! Even while their head burst with pain and their blood pressure raises to extreme levels… Even while they are being counseling of the potential of a stroke… Many will not go for treatment.

His plan is so beautiful and when we cannot see it… Just wait as His timing is so perfect!!!! I am so full right now as I see His mighty hand and how it has worked for the good for Countryside Mobile Home park! And how His  grace overflows on us!

He placed in this trailer park a missionary studying to be a Nurse Practitioner. He protected her from many dangers! He gave her strength to love, serve, and pioneer a ministry alongside her husband while raising 2 children and birthing a 3rd! He held us as she moved to Rock Hill beginning a career at Affinity Health Care… Serving the poor as a Nurse Practioner!

He placed in this trailer park a single mom who He grew to be a missionary. He led her here after preparing her with 15 years as a Nurse Case Manager. He trainer her,  molded her, and her family. He brought her through many trials and shed  an unsurmountable amount of mercy and grace into her life! He was patient with her and lovingly guided her.

How precious is it that He grew this friendship between these two sinners to further His love and care for His creation!

How amazing is it that now the residents here at Countryside have a nurse case manager living among them serving them and able to facilitate their much needed health care with His nurse practitioner.

Pray for Amber and I as we make this partnership with Affinity and Countryside and seek God’s counsel with how this looks according to His will!


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