The beautify Colonia

We had an immensely incredible day and I e a million pictures to share… But will shorten to just a few!

God gave us a beautiful morning to visit the people’s in La Colonia… Overcast, a cool breeze at the top, and a drop or two of rain… It was a perfect day to distribute care packages with Bibles and toiletries! Thank you all for your support in purchasing the items for these care packages! The peoples of La Colonia were so appreciative! They were full of smiles, thank yous, and Amens as we shared with them the love of Christ!

We had the joy of visiting with our dear friends Jamie and Ronnie at Casa De Luz where Jamie teaches Jesus and English… And Ron teaches Jesus and soccer! They are my heroes and I want to be just like them when I grow up!! We were able to help Jamie in her English classes of the Colonia this afternoon! We brought care packages for the students and I elicited a few kids to help give them out and to say “Jesus loves you”… Just like the missionaries! And they were so excited and precious!!!! 

The really cool thing is that last summer we painted this building and soccer court….. And the book bag drive donated by you guys that I brought down in January are being used by the children!!! What a blessing to see!!!

Some beautiful pictures of the beauty of this island … God’s beautiful creation… And a few selfies of the group 😂😂

We changed up devotion tonight… Mission team was broken up into the 3 tables of children… They were responsible for giving their own coins for good behavior… Monitoring the craft… Clean up… And studying of the Bible verse… I over saw the room and stood with the children as volunteers from each table came to speak the verse in front of the room! I watched as this mission team worked together, encouraged the children’s good behavior, gave out coins, practiced and explained the verse, and guided these sweet children… And I honestly became emotional… It was a beautiful thing as I watched these missionaries emerge as strong leaders! Absolutely beautiful and immensely proud of all of them ❤️❤️❤️

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