Near hurricane storm!

During the night and morning, we had a very bad storm that Orsy referred to as almost hurricane winds!  And I was awake for most of the fun!  The power had gone out again and I awoke hot and itching like a mad woman from my many sand flea bites from the day before!  With windows now opened I dabbed my Off itch relief and listened as the winds  were fierce outside! I’d love to be able to say I had a mind blowing spiritual experience as I “dabbed” and sat in the dark stormy night…. But I didn’t.

We changed our plans for the day as the rain poured! As this was our Colonia day,  we chose to stay inside and work on the class room at the school. We did have a mind blowing realization though! Our previous 2 trips here it rained on our Tiesday scheduled day to visit the Colonia and we hiked in the torrential rains and pushed forward with our care packages in hand! What dutiful persistent missionaries we were! My logical conclusion of course is that it rains EVERY Tuesday on the island! And the staff’s was that we bring the rain with us during their normally dry season! As we were soon informed, they didn’t have a drop of rain the whole month of May and many of the cisterns in the colonia were getting very dry!  So.. Blessed was the island with the rain… And for us a cooler day to work in the classroom!! We were all thankful for our different blessings from the Lord!  That is until the rain subsided and a million gazzillion flying black bugs came out and terrorized us! They swarmed our facility and we were all running around swatting and covering our ears! The children were convinced the black terrors would crawl into their ears and die causing an infection! And of course I did my best to convince my team that of course these bugs would fly into their ears and lay their eggs in your head … Which would hatch during the night and crawl from their noses as they slept…. Oh the joy of seeing the looks of fear on their faces LOL… The joys any respectable mission team leader would enjoy!!

Nevertheless we all survived… And accomplished our tasks for the day! Much was accomplished on the classroom… Christian and Lauren’s skill sessions went beautifully And we closed with a wild chaotic devotion 😳….

Early in planning for our activities for the trip, I had a brilliant 💡 idea! We would have a treasure chest filled with prizes from our Under The Sea theme… The children could earn a coin for good behavior during devotion and exchange for a prize! It worked brilliantly! Hands were popping up every 2 seconds and thank yous flowed like Niagara Falls!!! Richard was purposefully behaving with perfect manners and was racking up the coins…  he would raise his eyebrows to his neighbor with a huge grin on his face… Surely he had pulled a fast one on me…. 😉!!  But he was learning he could control his behavior with the result of a positive outcome… Please Lord let him and the other children learn this important life lesson 🙏! I also learned something! My lesson was to continue to fine tune flexibility and team work! After two nights of chaotic, hair pulling out, onslaught of super charged and excited children at end of devotion who were very eager to cash their coins for prizes, there has to be a better way!! Tomorrow night…  Delegating further and a change of job description for the team… Further arming my troops into full gear… instead of racing into the masses with no armor to be trampled by the overwhelming Ms. Shanda, Ms. Che Che… It’s my turn and can I change mine to another prize! All of which left me blurry eyed with head spinning!! Along with the continued mad itching of my arms and legs from the sand fleas!! Lord I need you!!

So as I close this letter to return back to sleep, please continue to pray for us as we love, as we serve, and as we pour out all we have to these precious children!  I hope you enjoy some pictures from our day!

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