Menial task or miracle?

It was a very chaotic day in Homework Helpers…. And speaking for all of us… our stress levels were slightly elevated…. A few of our kids had homework  but the other 20 or so children with no home work celebrated this end of the school year fact with running in and  out, squealng and laughing….  Unnerving on a good day.

But on this day, our hearts were heavy. Our team meeting discussion today consisted of a quickly approaching mission team visit from Alabama and of an update on an ESL meeting with the Moriah Association that had occurred the previous week! Reasons to celebrate.. For sure! But then our conversation and prayers turned to a darker subject….  A prostitute in need of the Savior… A false teacher Satan has moved into the park and the children suffering at his hands…..  God’s light is here…. And Satan is battling in every way he can…

So this is where our hearts and minds were as our precious children run in and out joyfully oblivious … To them things were normal… We were there… The juice boxes were on the table… But as of yet…. None of them realized there were no chips sitting beside them… Their snack of choice :).

We prayerfully waited as we had received a call that the calvary was on the way… a lady would be stopping by with snacks…. The timing God’s provision no doubt!!! And like an angel of light she arrived…. I am most certain there was a angel choir singing… Though they surely wouldn’t have been heard over the delighted screaming of our children!

What she entered into … I’m sure was not what she expected! A quiet and calm environment for children to focus on their homework was not what she encountered! But instead … workers with a slight edge and raising of the voice ordering all kids outside if they didn’t have homework! Their overflowing excitement overwhelming us… Even as our desire was to run and play with them! But to provide a learning conducive environment for the few, out they must go!  This seemingly impossible task was more easily accomplished now as a trail of children followed Amber outside as she carried a bowl of snacks! I peered outside as she was surrounded on a picnic table in serious conversation with about 10 different children all speaking at once…. I imagine telling of their grand summer plans or inquiring what exciting summer adventures The Connection ministry team had in store for them!! Now inside our modest ministry trailer, we could have heard the angel choir singing,  if they had not already lost their voices attempting to be heard over the earlier roar!

So thank you Angels of light!  All of you! Unknowingly when you answered God’s call … A seemingly menial task… To us it was a huge blessing indeed! Thank you Father for providing through the church body! And please know that what you see as a small and maybe menial task…. To a missionary in a trailer park… We see as a life changing, Angel choir singing, God sending miracle!!!

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1 Response to Menial task or miracle?

  1. Sabrina Tolle says:

    May God continue to provide blessings. May God multiply every effort made as you and others love and care for the sweet kids at the Connection.


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