Bonfire with marshmallows galore!

There are moments here that I always want to remember, because nights like tonight, I am so thankful to live here. I’m sure you see this picture and see a campfire with embers slowly burning out…. 

But… I hear and see things beyond the soft crackling of this one small flame…

I hear music playing as we all join in and sing that Jesus Loves me and He is for me… That He’s a good good Father… And that I am His and He is mine… And I wonder if these trees and if these streets have heard these words on a Saturday night before… And I imagine more than likely they have not. I wonder if our neighbors sitting in their yard smoking marijuana can hear these words and feel Christ knocking on the door of their hearts.

I hear laughter… From the many neighborhood children that have joined the Smiths and us by this fire to eat weanies and marshmallows. They play chase, climb my one tree out front, kick a soccer ball, and ride their bikes.

I see Matthew and Jason adding limbs to the fire and Nancy quickly filling smore requests. I feel thankful they are in my life… And thankful they are here. I see little Kayli snuggled in Kinley’s lap beside me and feel her hand clasp mine. I see Tony with an extremely long stick that is flimsy and hitting everyone else’s sticks knocking off our weanies. I see Jeremy chilling by the music and wonder at the thoughts that go through his head. I see Itzel and Abby riding their bikes without a care in the world. 

Then as the fire burns low our guest begin to pack their chairs. I walk Kayli up the road hand in hand as Alex rides ahead of us. She and I discuss what a fun night we had eating marshmallows. Isabel is waiting for us on her porch. I thank her for allowing them to come and the exchange in Spanish is a blessing between friends. I return home and share with the Smith’s that nights like this remind me of the things I love most about living here. I hear an I love you Shay Shay from Jaycie followed by a hug.. And the same from Abbey. 

As I now sit alone by these glowing embers… I feel so warm… And full… And thankful for this amazing opportunity to serve in this mobile home park… My cup overflowing so undeservingly with these blessings from God…

My dear friends, these moments are gifts from God to hold close to our hearts to help carry us through the “other moments” here… The scary not so fun moments… And I thank God for this rest ❤️

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