“Take courage… I am here”

God moved today ….  I arrived home from work and many of our Countryside kids, Nancy, and Jason were at The Connection playing … But I am certain that God orchestrated this Himself. He told me to grab some crafts, change into some shorts, and grab Champs leash…

The children (70 of them) attended an Awana program at a local church… Their eyes sparkled as they learned Bible verses… so eager and hungry for the Word of God! I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to see this hope in their little eyes!

The door closed to this Awana program … But this afternoon, as I previously stated some of the children congregated at The Connection, and I thought to myself their souls hungry to be fed…

An idea sprung and Nancy and I agreed! We would teach them the Bible verse to coincide with the craft God had told me to bring! Would they be interested, I wondered, but I tell you they were so excited to hear the story of Peter stepping over the boat and then becoming afraid.. Jesus reaching out His hand… And saving Peter… Peter was afraid and Jesus was his  rescue. How often are we afraid, Nancy asked? What things make us feel afraid? 

So this evening they learned, “Take courage… I am here”… Matthew 14:27. 

And they memorized it so quickly… That Jesus said to THEM… Take courage… I am here!!! When they hear gun fire, Jesus is here! When they hear a police siren, Jesus is here! 

Nancy said #LIFEONMISSION… And she was so right about that … This is our life … It is what God has called us to do… 

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