My heart is full and I cannot sleep…

My day began with a spirit filled sermon by a visiting preacher followed by lunch with my sweet daddy and Matthew…. It was a beautiful morning….Glory to God!

Spanish class passed with  hearts and minds eager to learn numbers by translating Bible verses… Their excitement matched mine as we laughed at our mistakes and applauded our successes! Afterwards a class member began to work his magic with a possible opportunity arising for our children… Glory to God!!!!!

Then a phone call from my son as he prepares to meet with his church leaders as an advocate for our children here in the park…. Glory to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

My day continued to overflow with His love….as I sat on the front at church tonight with 5 of our children from the park… To my left Itzel’s head rested against my shoulder as she played with my fingernails and bracelets… On my right little Kayli examined my right hand sweetly and quietly… Until a giggle erupted from her… Instigated by Grant sitting behind us… No doubt lol….  All glory to God ❤

And tonight…. Laughter rolled from us in waves… As Tony, Jarek, Jeremy, Christian and I played Bible Blurt… What began as a quick visit… Then phone calls to parents… And ending with a slumber party… They are sleeping in my couch resting for an exciting day tomorrow with Christian and Hyde Park Youth! Glory to God!!!!

God calls and expects us to obey… I am so thankful He is still speaking to me and prodding my heart to serve Him…. How is He speaking to you today?

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